TCI Laboratories has access to any size, shape or color bottle. We do business with local, national, and international suppliers of components to ensure competitive pricing and great service. These components can be made of Polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE), PET, Glass, or Aluminum. These materials can also come in various colors; most common of which are Cobalt Blue and Amber. Cobalt blue and Amber colored containers exude sophistication especially for products such as hair serums, anti-aging serums, essential oil blends for hair care, and various aromatherapy and spa products. These colors also protect the products from UV light, thereby preserving the efficacy of the finished products. These components come in various shapes intended to capture consumers’ interests.


TCI Laboratories has access to tubes in various sizes and colors. If the customer wishes a custom color, TCI Laboratories is able to source it, subject to minimum order restrictions. Tubes with flip top caps are very consumer friendly – easy to use especially for bath products. It takes only one hand to hold and flip open the caps! And since the lid is at the bottom, it is very easy to take the product out of the component. No more shaking of the component to get the last ounce of the product.

Hot Pour

TCI Laboratories has been producing hair care products such as pomades, hair paste, masques, and body care products such as body butters, salves, balms, using advanced “hot pour” technology. This technology keeps the formulations undiluted, thereby making the end products penetrate, hydrate and protect the skin or hair more effectively. On top of this, the method makes the end products look more appealing.

Clean Room

We have built “clean rooms” within the 160,000-sq.ft. facility of TCI laboratories, Airborne particles are controlled in these rooms, so there is a low level of environmental pollutants such as dust, aerosol particles, chemical vapors and airborne microbes. These rooms are used for the filling of powder products or other atmosphere-sensitive formulations.

Powder Room

TCI Laboratories has now the capability to manufacture and fill “powder products”. In the current larger facility of TCI Laboratories, a dedicated “Powder Room” was built. Products such as “Hair Volume Boost Powder” can be filled in a safe, clean environment following GMP guidelines.

Custom Pouches

TCI Laboratories has acquired several “pouch machines”. For customers who wish to flood the market with samples of their products, TCI Laboratories offers a turnkey solution – from formulation of the product, production, design of pouches, sourcing of the right material and filling.

With sample pouches, TCI Laboratories can help customers create buzz and encouragement for consumers to try their products. And once consumers do that, they would definitely be hooked, because TCI Laboratories is committed to creating top-of-the-line products.


Capsules is the go-to packaging when dosage of a product is the prime concern. TCI laboratories has expanded its operations to include encapsulation. This has given our customers a lot more options and flexibility for product development. Our experienced R&D team can help customers formulate and choose products that can best be marketed as capsules.

Since 1994 TCI Lab has been providing customers with excellence. We offer complete in-house services from start to finish.
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